Friday, March 19, 2010

Mustard Greens

Today I would also like to share this recipe emailed to us by a reader as a veggie alternative to the Red Chard dish posted a couple days ago.

So here is Alan's email:

"Since you have red chard, let me add another - mustard greens. You will often see containers of these at Asian markets.
In Japanese cuisine, the most varied dishes are vegetable condiments. Go to the basements of large department stores today and be amazed. Historically a poor country with little meat, rice was often the pay of the Samuri. To keep rice interesting, strong tasting goodies were invented to go along: fermented soy beans, sweet pickled eggplant, sour plums, spicey radishes, etc.
The following could not be simpler. Slice mustard greens about an eighth of inch, perpendicular to the length of the stalk. Include the unleafy stalk. Put contents in a large bowl and soak in salted water.
After a couple hours, drain, lightly rinse, and press out the water. Store in container and refrigerate. Keeps for months. Eat with hot rice. Small amount of soy sauce can be added at the last minute as an option. Easy."

Thank you so much ALAN for your suggestion and for the historical insight. You really are a walking encyclopedia. I'll make sure I'll cook it and a picture of the dish will be posted :)

How about you? would you like to contribute with any recipes or advice?

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