Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm thinking of getting one of these....

What do you think? Anyone? I know some people who spent a whole month's salary to get one of these. I made fun of them. Now I want one. Being an avid cook I'm kinda reluctant to go ahead and order it. It's pricey (off-course I spend 4 times as much in shoes and clothes annually) but apparently it is worth the investment..... Do I really need it? No! will it save me time in the kitchen? YEAH for sure, and it will also allow me to juice my own vegetables, make my own ice cream and yogurt and pizza and pannacota and curry chicken and tomato soup, and bake my own cakes..... People claim the only think this does not do it your laundry, the dishes and give you a food massage.

Here is what people are saying:

At Home in Rome

Bimby's Australian official site

Super Kitchen Machine

Real Chefs also love Bimby

I need to make a decision soon so i'd appreciate any feedback.



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  1. Olá

    Já vi no facebbok dos Bimbólicos que entretanto já compraste. fizeste bem vais adorar a Bimby.